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A Filter on Your Shower Head May Help to Avoid An Asthma Attack!


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Asthma is on the rise worldwide and currently affects 7% of the US population or 20 million people. Asthma is a serious life-threatening disease and many cases of Asthma are caused by continuous exposure to irritants. One of the most common irritants found in homes today is chlorine . Chlorine is often used to treat US drinking water and these toxic fumes are constantly being inhaled while showering. One of the easiest ways to eradicate these harmful vapors is to install a filter on your shower head .


shower filter is inexpensive and easy to install and is one of the most effective chlorine removal systems on the market, guaranteeing a pure, fume free shower experience .


What Exactly is Asthma?


Asthma is a disease which affects the lungs. It is characterized by "attacks", or episodic inflammation of the airways, that can make breathing extremely difficult. An asthma attack occurs when the muscles in the airways contract quickly due to exposure to common irritants. Specialized cells in the airways then release substances that stimulate the secretion of thick mucus to protect the body against irritants such as chlorine. Because of the contracting muscles and the thick mucus secretions, the airways are blocked to such an extent that very little air is able to pass through.


Most asthma cases are children and many of these children will grow out of the disease during their teenage years. However Adults can contract asthma in later life due to continuous exposure to irritants such as chlorine or a change in circumstances to their health for example after surgery or during pregnancy. Persistent asthma attacks and the cough that occurs as a result of asthma can cause permanent damage the lungs leading to other serious life-threatening diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis.


As asthma cases rise, it is important to reduce exposure to irritants in everyday life as much as possible . As we take a shower at least once or twice a day we are constantly inhaling toxic chlorine vapors and because these vapors have been heated, they are more readily absorbed into the body.


A Simple Solution...

By installing a shower head filter, we will be removing not only chlorine but many other harmful contaminants from our shower water, thereby reducing the chances of contracting Asthma.


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