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You wake up to a beautiful fall day and the first thought that crosses your mind is that it is a terrific day to take the family backpacking. While contemplating the list of things you need to make the day a success the need for a large supply of water occurs to you. Now no one wants to have to pack several gallons of water with them while backpacking through the woods and the route you plan to take has many lakes and streams. The way to use this water in a safe and healthy way is to take along a backpacking water purifier.


Types of Purifiers for Backpacking


There are a variety of different types of personal water filters specifically designed to provide clean water on your backpacking adventure. A ceramic mini filter is a good choice as it weighs only 8 oz and can filter up to 400 gallons of stream water. This also easily fit into a pocket, waist pouch, or obviously, a backpack. It also purifies the water at a rate of 1 quart per minute. With that kind of speed, you know clean water will always be available. These water filtration devices are vitally necessary when in the great outdoors. They are fully capable of removing pesticides, organic viruses and bacteria, and chemicals from water in its natural source. Another added benefit is that they weigh much less than bottles of filtered water you carried in yourself.

While you and your family are enjoying a wonderful day backpacking, you can rest assured that no one is being exposed to harmful contaminants through their drinking water. That kind of security doesn't cost or weigh much.


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