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Do I Need A Shower Filter?


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While everyone might not "need" a shower filter, everyone can certainly benefit from using a quality shower water filtration system.


People with respiratory problems, skin disorders or people who live on water systems that use chlorinated surface water, and most do, certainly should use shower filters.


Asthma, bronchitus, eczema and many other common ailments are very negatively affected by inhalation and absorption of chlorine and other chemicals while showering. Breast, colon and bladder cancer have all been linked to exposure to chlorine from drinking and shower water. 

"Cancer rates for people on chlorinated water systems is 93% higher than for those on non-chlorinated water systems..." U.S. Council On Environmental Quality


Shower filters also offer great cosmetic benefits. Chlorine robs the skin and hair of their natural protective oils and "friendly bacteria", causing dryness, premature aging and many other potential health and asthetic problems.


Shower filters are easy to install, easy to use... and can be a very healthful and enjoyable addition to our daily lives.

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