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North America Water Contamination and the Need for Water Treatment Installation in Every Home - Part 2


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If you are wondering why you need water treatment installation in your home read on, you will be convinced that a water filtration system is a vital necessity in every North American household!

To set the tone, the National Tap Water Quality Database released a report titled " A National Assessment of Tap Water Quality " which raised the alarm on the fearfully contaminated water that was being used and in most cases consumed by North Americans. The report basically stated that the nation's tap water contained on average a whopping 260 contaminants and more than half of these contaminants do not have any safety standards imposed on them. The end-consumer of tap water must realize that if there isn't any safety standards imposed for a certain contaminant, whatever levels within the water are still allowable by law .

The report stated that the majority of tap water nationwide had elements of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and even fertilizers. Present were 54 types of agricultural chemicals that were unregulated and did not have a legal, health-based limit in the tap water. Note that the majority of the pesticides and insecticides are extremely hazardous to humans especially if consumed, but due to the relatively trace amounts humans will not get sick immediately, rather the majority of these chemicals that are fat-soluble, will be stored cumulatively in the fatty tissue of humans.

Additionally, the report also stated that of the 166 industrial chemicals found in normal tap water nationwide, 94 of the industrial chemicals were also unregulated and did not have a legal, health-based limit imposed. Some of these industrial chemicals are used to bathe heavy metals such as lead or chromium which are directly recognized as cancer causing agents and also heavily contribute to brain damage. It should also be noted that the vast majority of industrial chemicals like those found in tap water remain untested and unregulated.

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